Zilver Dim Sum in Sydney

Needing a bit of recuperation after a long day at the festival, we headed out Sunday morning for our favorite food ever – dim sum.


Is there actually anything better than sitting in a nice, warm room while waiters literally push rolling carts of food to your exact table, letting you have your choice of the towers of dumplings sitting in bamboo steam baskets balancing on top of their trays?

I mean, really, close your eyes for just one second and imagine every form of dumpling being handed to you with the occasional noodle or peking duck wrap thrown in.


The best part (but also maybe the worst) – no prices! Instead of picking from a menu and debating whether a $14 spring roll is unnecessary, you go in blind, ordering at will while the Chinese waitstaff check off Mandarin letters on a receipt page. Only when your smorgasbord is complete and you’re utterly full and satisfied, and ONLY then do you approach the cash register to find out the damage. $50, $300 – literally who cares when there are unlimited dumplings to be had? I stand by this.


Zilver is a hidden little gem of a restaurant located on the second floor of a non-descript office building in Sydney. There were people waiting outside so we feared a line but were ushered in immediately – the perks of being only 2!

The second we sat down, carts rolled up to us offering siu mai and noodles. Immediate service just how we like it! We sat for about an hour and a half and took every dumpling that came our way.

Pork siu mai


Xiao Long Bao – soup dumplings!


BBQ Black Pepper Spare ribs


Crystal Prawn Dumplings


Cha Siu Bao – Roast Pork Buns!


Fun Gor – Chew Chow Dumplings


Throughout all of our time at Zilver, we really barely saw any repeats! Carts came to our table continuously and everything we asked for was brought out in the true definition of a jiffy. We were blown away by the service, food, and experience. 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend.

The perfect recoup for two very tired, dumpling babels.


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