Hop on over to Hong Kong – Yixin Restaurant and Lockhart Road

So far, I’ve been in Hong Kong for two weeks and have one more week to go. Here for work and have spent (almost) every moment out of the office exploring and eating and seeing everything I possibly can…and hopefully taking enough pictures to take you all along with me!

I landed in Hong Kong around 8pm so dropped my bags and went out to explore,

Stopping first at Yixin Restaurant for a fancy dinner by myself!


Located in the Wan Chai neighborhood, Yixin Restaurant is a Cantonese institution having first opened its doors in the 1950s by the late Mr. Wong Jim-wong. Today, the restaurant is managed by Mr. Wong’s youngest daughter and definitely still gives off a very familial vibe. The tables are large and filled with groups of chattering people, picking away at the family style dishes laid out on the white tablecloths.

I ordered my #tableforone and was seated straight away. Had a look at the menu and set out to order.


Minced pork and chive – which I thought would be more of a dish, not just patties. But A+ nonetheless!


Mixed Vegetables which was actually just mixed fungi…Not the biggest fan of mushrooms (especially a plethora of different kinds) so I only had a few bites of this.


And garlic seafood fried rice!


Obviously I had the tiny issue of the dishes being served family style, but I just ate and then took the rest home…something I’ve been doing at most restos here in HK but then unfortunately never needing to eat the leftovers! Ugh.


Yixin Restaurant has been appointed a Bib Gourmand by Michelin. In case you’re not famil, Bib Gourmand’s are like Michelin star’s cheaper younger cousin. It is an award given out for “exceptionally good food at moderate prices.” If you’re not in the market for a Michelin restaurant, I suggest you take a look at the local bibs! You are bound to find something fantastic.

After dinner I set off for Lockhart Road, a street that spans the entire neighborhood of Wan Chai and is filled with bars and restaurants and people spilling into the streets.





The area was once primarily considered the red light district of Hong Kong but its reputation has faded quite a bit. While the bars seemed rowdy, I didn’t see anything too out of the ordinary!




I walked a whole lot and retired to bed, ready to take on the HK office by storm.


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