Wine Fiesta (ai ai ai)!

Guys, I went to another unlimited tastings of alcohol event. I know it seems like we JUST went to the Sake Matsuri festival but Wine Fiesta was in town and…what can I say?

Just kidding, I actually won a pair of tickets on Instagram through Time Out Singapore so I just HAD to go and check it out! It was free!!!

Brittany had been in town for almost two weeks and as we were winding down her stay on Sunday, we stepped into the Fullerton Hotel for a momentary reprieve from the outside heat and lo and behold we accidentally stumbled into Wine Fiesta which we coincidentally had tickets to.

The fates had spoken – we picked up our wine glasses, our guidebooks to the over 250 wines on offer, and set off to explore.

This is Wine Fiesta’s 10th year in operation. That’s pretty impressive! You could tell it was a highly anticipated event as it was completely packed. Apparently this was the first year Wine Fiesta has been held indoors. In all years past the event has been held outside which makes it pretty remarkable that it has grown so popular as I really could not imagine standing outside sipping wine for hours in this weather!

Wine Fiesta is a weekend long event including two days of tastings, a few expert-led classes, and one VIP winemakers’ table dinner, a specially created four-course sit-down gourmet dinner paired with a full deluxe wine bar buffet.

We meandered through the aisles on Sunday, the second day of the festival, sipping on red wines and whites, proseccos, rosés, and even meads! All of the bottles were labeled with “Light/Medium/Full Bodied” stickers which made selecting what you wanted to try a breeze!

Winemakers and winery representatives stood behind their selections offering up bottles to try and asking questions about your personal preferences and what types of wines you’ve already explored versus what you might be interested in exploring. Their knowledge and dedication to their craft was apparent and made the experience that much more special.

There was even a fancy water counter with an Antipodes Water Company display, a New Zealand small batch water that is unusually low in mineral content, making it smooth and silky, the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine. Their sparkling option was sold to us as the “champagne of waters” – pretty fancy stuff!

There were a few food vendors lining the side walls where you could snack but otherwise, people were focused in on the main event, scribbling notes about which tastes they enjoyed, and making their way back to their favorite stands to purchase a few bottles.

After a few too many glasses of sauvignon blanc, we headed back into the heat to get our last sightseeing in before Brittany’s inevitably depressing departure back to New York.

We had a delightful time at this year’s Wine Fiesta. The event is put on by The Straits Wine Company, one of southeast Asia’s top wine importers, retailers, and distributors. Learn more about The Straits Wine Company here and find info about next year’s Wine Fiesta here!

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