When in Korea, do as Koreans do!

The DMZ was a full day. But if you know anything about us, you already know that after dropping off some things, we were back out on the town. This time for a baseball game!


Tim loves baseball. He loves to watch it. He loves to play it. He once joined his company cricket team because he figured it seemed similar to baseball, so why not try it?

With baseball in scarce supply in Singapore, a live baseball game was at the top of TT’s list in Korea.




The four of us hopped in a cab to Jamsil Stadium in Gangnam to watch the LG Twins take on the KT Wiz. We had bought tickets for the LG Twins side so decked ourselves out in hats and filed in to the 4th row…for a whopping $15 per ticket!




The night was quite the experience. Though the game played on in front of us, the real party was behind! There are cheerleaders for each team (probably the real draw for TT to attend LAWLZ) and a literal emcee leading the crowd in K-pop songs, chants, and dance routines.


Apparently the cheerleaders are like Korean celebs!



We ate food, drank beer, and watched the ball game.



Leaving a bit early for more food – more Korean barbeque!




Topped off with soju and our FIRST real Korean scallion pancake.



Ended the night with karaoke once again because…when in Korea do as the Koreans do!


4 thoughts on “When in Korea, do as Koreans do!

  1. Love experiencing the world through your eyes, Babels, as well as through your expertly written and beautifully photographed blog!!!! Keep it up!!!!

  2. Hooray!! You made it to a baseball game. Way cool. And you had Amazing food and drinks. We all love “exploring” with you. We feel like you take us along with your fab pics and incredibly detailed stories. Thanks for sharing your life. Yes… keep them coming!!!! ❤️Sandie & Tom

    1. I’m glad you guys enjoy them! I love writing them and sharing it all with our family and friends!!! Miss you both!! <3

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