The Rocks, Sydney

While my favorite part of Sydney was hands down the Sydney Opera House (I actually shed a tear when I went inside), my close second fave was The Rocks.


The Rocks, located right on the shore of the Sydney Harbor, is a historic (and now kinda trendy) neighborhood of Sydney. Cute little shops and boutiques fill the old colonial style buildings and the narrow streets wind all around with glimpses of the harbor peeking out from the alleys.


We returned to The Rocks three times because I loved it so much.



First for a quick happy hour drink at a corner bar where beer, wine, and cocktails were $5!


The second time we returned for a quick lunch at Ribs & Burgers. Tim had read great reviews about the restaurant and we do love both burgers and ribs but this was a disappointment. We ordered a heaping stack of baby back ribs and fries and they forgot about our order until 30 minutes later when TT approached to inquire about our missing food. The ribs were MEH and pretty expensive. Skip it, or maybe try the burger.


Our third time we meandered through the Craft Market that happens every Sunday from 9am-5pm. Local artisans set up under a tent and sell everything from essential oils and crystals, to homemade Aussie wooden cutting boards, and children’s toys. There were caricature artists and snack stalls where we tried a kangaroo meat skewer with a mint yogurt sauce. The roo meat was tender and was a lot like beef. Delish!



But most of all, I loved the dusky glow of the sun hitting all of the cracks and crannies of The Rocks. I could have walked around all day (!) but the weather was starting to get colder and there were other places on our list to explore. Till next time!





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