The Burger Joint, Singapore

The Burger Joint holds a special place in my heart. I vividly remember being a young girl and going in to visit my dad at work in NYC with my mom and sister. As a family, we had a few favorite haunts and the Burger Joint was one of them.


Hidden behind a red velvet curtain in the lobby of Le Parker Meridien in Midtown, my dad always made the Burger Joint seem like a special adventure. A cool, hidden restaurant that only my super cool dad knew about! Every time walking through that lobby and into the curtain I felt like we were the coolest family out there (spoiler alert: we are).

Lo and behold, there’s a Burger Joint in Singapore! Tucked away in a graffiti-d alley off Amoy Street, the Burger Joint sits on Gemmill Lane in Telok Ayer.




Marked only by a neon burger light, you push back the curtain to reveal the little hole in the wall joint slingin’ nothin’ but good ol’ burgers and buns. Pick your burger, choose whatever toppings your heart desires, and grab a beer and a seat to wait for your meal.


The burgers are thick and juicy and arrive wrapped simply in paper. Not the largest, but what they lack in size they make up for in beefy, cheesy goodness.



Babel picked us up two inordinately expensive beers (most brews were $20+) and we settled in with our mozzarella sticks, cheeseburgers, and fries.





Burger Joint is a great date spot. The lights are low. There’s a crowded buzz as people queue to place their orders at the window then shuffle to find a seat. A constant crowd of people swarm the bar ordering (expensive!) beers and the walls are covered in signatures and handwritten notes. You have to speak a bit louder to be heard but that just adds to the fun, right?




Plus, is there anything more romantic than a fat beef burger smothered in oozing cheese? Nope! That is the key to any (sane) woman’s heart.


No reservations but find the menu online here!

7 thoughts on “The Burger Joint, Singapore

  1. Wow, great article and very well written. The writing is so vivid that my mouth is watering with desire for one of the gooey and delicious burgers that your post highlights!!!! Love travelling the world with you BABELS!!!

  2. That was soo much fun to read. Yay for you Singy kids who love a juicy NY burger. Glad they could bring the flavors of home to you!! Nuthin’ like it.❤️👏

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