Saturday Night at Jumbo Seafood

One of our favorite parts of living in Singapore is our apartment. More specifically, our roof.


Our roof was the first thing our realtor showed us when we saw the building (smart lady!). It has an enormous infinity pool that looks out at all of Singapore. You can walk the entire perimeter and feel like Mufasa and Simba surveying their kingdom.


We try to spend as much time on the roof as possible. Cocktails, reading, suntanning – while we’re here we want to soak it all in and where better to do that than from 40 floors up in the sky!


We sipped our drinks and watched the sun set before heading off for a Singaporean rite of passage – eating chili crab at Jumbo Seafood.


Jumbo Seafood. Chili Crab. Singapore. The three are basically interchangeable. Chili Crab is a southeast Asian seafood dish that originated in Singapore. Ask any local and it will easily grace the top 5 local foods of SG. Perhaps top 3.


Everything on the menu is delicious (and slightly overpriced) but we settled on chili crab, black pepper crab, egg fried rice, salted egg fried fish skin, and loads of veggies SOAKED in garlic. Of course we also ordered two orders of mantou – Chinese steamed buns you are supposed to use to soak up alllll dat SAUCE.




Tim and I debate chili vs black pepper crab all the time. I’m pro-chili. Tim is pro-BP. The chili sauce is a legit SAUCE, soupy and sweet and tangy and crabby and ready to be soaked up with those delicious little buns. Black pepper crab is not saucy, more like a dry rub. It’s also super black pepper spicy!! Giove liked both and couldn’t settle the debate (surprise, surprise).


We sat outside on the water, sipped lychee juice, and joked and chatted about our adventures so far and all of the Korean adventures to come!



jumboseafood20Following dinner we walked the rest of the way into Clarke Quay to show Giove a rocking Saturday night. It was a bit too lively for what we were in the mood for and Giove had a few cocktail bars she wanted to check out so we headed back across the bridge to Southbridge.



An oyster bar with a 360° view of downtown Singapore and Marina Bay Sands, Southbridge sits on the roof above 7-11 in Boat Quay near Skinny’s. There are a few high top tables scattered around the edge of the balcony but I’d recommend grabbing a seat at the U-shaped bar like we did!


Nice ambiance, great cocktails, beautiful view – the package seemed pretty perfect EXCEPT that they literally turned the lights off at midnight and kicked everyone out…on a Saturday night!

Didn’t appreciate the harsh exit but did enjoy the chock-full of activities Saturday that we had to ourselves!

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