Potato Head Beach Club, Bali

Alas, we have come to our final day in Bali – so sad, but what a fantastic day this was!







We started with breakfast at Grain Bali, riding our bikes into town and parking them outside the bench-lined alley that made up the al fresco terrace of Grain.


Once again, this breakfast took an extremely long time to arrive – maybe Balinese people just don’t suffer from being hungry in the morning! But boy, was it worth the wait. TT opted for the Breakfast Board – an assortment of poached eggs, avocado, marinated feta, seasoned tomato, bacon, marinated olives, pesto, and sourdough rosti


and a Nuttylicious smoothie – cashew nut milk, banana, date, yoghurt, and honey.


I had a banana mango smoothie bowl mixed with a coconut chia pudding filled with fresh fruit, coconut flakes, and granola. OMG I’m drooling just writing about it.


Everything was absolutely decadent. Maybe the best meal of the trip – the best breakfast for sure.


Seminyak town is really adorable. The streets are lined with cute little shops selling local home decor and clothes. There are tiny temples and deity statues smattered around covered in flower boat offerings and plaid cloth.





You will see a lot of plaid cloth in Bali – draped over trees, over deity statues, and around offerings. We learned this is called saput poleng – the black and white cloth signifying the balance between dark and white, good and evil, and protecting the deities and objects over which it was draped.




Potato Head might be the most famous beach club in Seminyak. It is definitely not remotely alike to Omnia so don’t feel that “beach club” means you’re going to be jumping on the dancefloor to an electro DJ. Potato Head is much more relaxed. The entrance is right off the ocean and you’re greeted with a quick hosedown of your feet to prevent tracking in any sand. There are daybeds lined up behind a beautiful swimming pool with a swim up bar (you know they’re my weakness). Behind the daybeds are blankets and pillows laid out on the grass with tray tables above them and behind the grassy area are couches and tables under the buildings covering. There are a few other bar set ups.

First things first, when you arrive, be sure to walk straight up to the hostess stand next to the grass and put your name down for a daybed. There will be a wait but they will come find you when it’s your turn. The minimum for the daybed is about $100 – the $1,000,000 Rupiah price tag might seem like a lot but the conversion is actually pretty drastic. If you plan to drink and eat, you’ll definitely spend the $100 and it’s definitely worth it to relax on your own daybed and hang.

The grassy area is also perfectly fun and only a $50 spend. Couches and tables behind are free. I didn’t take many pictures so just take my word for it, ok?

You can relax at your sitting area or hang in the pool, make friends or keep to yourselves, all while the DJ spins music in the background, steadily gaining momentum as the night goes on.

You’re also free to go down to the beach an re-enter whenever you’d like! Just make sure to wash off your feet!

Potato Head was the first place where we’ve seen real, god-looking Western food (and boy, have we missed it) so we kind of went all out.

Neapolitan style pizza with Wild Mushrooms, Goats Cheese, tomato sauce kale, and aged balsamic.


Baby Huey Burger – beef patty, cheese, lettuce, pickles, spiced mayo, and rustic fries.


And Fried Calamari with Chili – because really, when do you ever NOT order fried calamari?


And they surprised us with the cutest dessert!


The cocktails are inventive and fun and are marked on the menu with their varying alcohol potency levels.

I don’t think you’ll have a bad time at Potato Head. It was crowded and a little overwhelming at first since we didn’t know where to sit but once we learned the layout and finally put our name down for a bed, it was much easier to navigate. Get your name down early! Order some drinks, pick at some food, and look out over that great big beautiful ocean.



We had an incredible day wandering in to Potato Head and back out to the ocean.






One final sunset and we were on our way.





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