There’s a new restaurant in town and I am so thrilled to be one of the first to share it! From the same owners as the ever present, ever popular PS Cafe comes Jypsy – “a contemporary yet casual approach to Japanese cuisine.”

The restaurant is located right next to its sister PS Cafe on Martin Road (they share a bathroom) and joins a slew of well placed restaurants, bars, and cafes that make up River Valley. We walked in for an 8:30 reservation on Saturday hungry and ready to go at it.

Giant paper lanterns hang from the ceiling and dark wooden tables sit scattered throughout the room adorned with blue ceramic plates. Everything is very bright and airy. While our reservation was at 8:30pm, we could have been convinced it was 5pm in the gazebo at a friend’s summer house. It is warm and inviting and lively – just the place where you might want to spend an evening gossiping with girlfriends over cocktails or sharing sushi with a sig o…..significant other ugh get with the times ppl.

I’ve mentioned it a million times but the world is such a tiny place. Perhaps since all of us expats are so far from home, there is just a stronger impetus to meet and hang out with each other – and also get set up with each other through random mutual friends who we only met once….but in the name of friendship!, am I right?

One of Tim’s mom’s friends (hi Sandie!) has a son, Michael, who has lived and worked in Singapore for a few years. While Tim and Michael didn’t know each other, we were eager to reach out to make a new friend!

Michael handles operations for PS Cafe so was integral in the setup of Jypsy and very kindly invited us to the soft opening for dinner. It just so happened to coincide with Cecilia’s visit to Singapore so the three of us set off arm in arm for what we knew would be a delicious meal. Is anything better than sharing food with my two besties?

They don’t always feel the same way about me…

The night started, as all good nights do, with drinks –

a Turmeric Pisco Sour for me

A Sake Spritz for babel

and a Yuzu Gin Fizz for Ceec!

It has been six months since I’ve seen my sister. That’s longer than we’ve ever been away from each other in our entire lives! We both went to the same university so didn’t have that usual gap and although we both studied abroad, we each visited the other during that time!

I am SO. BEYOND. THRILLED to have my best gal back with me.

Jypsy offers a pretty full menu of mostly small sharing plates. Think tapas style. The list is divided into Hot, Cold, Bowls, Sushi, Robata Sticks, Sashimi, and Salads so order a few to nibble at and go back for a second and third round of plates and drinks as the night carries on!

In order of appearance – 5 Stones sushi – torched unagi, foie gras, pickled wasabi, green apple oroshi. This was decadent. The combo of unagi and foie gras made for a creamy melt in your mouth taste bomb. Unfortunately, it was our first plate….so it ended all too soon!

Swordfish belly with yuzu-coriander miso, shoyu, and micro herbs.

The tangy yuzu coriander miso perfectly topped the swordfish belly making the dish TT and Ceec’s favorite!

Crispy Shrimp sushi – tempura tiger prawns, avocado, peperonatta mayo, red yuzu, kaffir lime

Yellowtail Ceviche – homemade sushi rice crackers, pickled wasabi, oba leaf

Nest of Fries – crispy shredded potato, white truffle oil, wasabi mayo, teriyaki balsamic sauce

side view so you can see that height! PS Cafe is known for a similar tower of truffle fries. They were recommended to us by our waiter and very tasty!

Robata Grainfed Ribeye – crispy lattice potato, roasted onion puree, soy-garlic sauce.

Lobster and Crab Gyoza with prawn bisque and dashi foam.

Jypsy Rainbow sushi rolled with torched salmon belly tartare, Bluefin tuna, yellowtail, avocado, yuzu furikake

Salmon Nord sushi – robata Japanese eggplant, roasted peppers, tofu, miso aioli, pickled radish. This tased like the fanciest bagel and lox bite ever. Reminded us of home 🙂

Coconut Matcha Panna Cotta

Yuzu Tofu Cheese cake

Chocolate Banana Brittle Mousse with Vanilla ice-cream

All of the desserts were amazing but the Coconut Matcha Panna Cotta was absolutely unreal. I could eat it again and again and again….

Fully stuffed, we left our 5-star reviews and rolled ourselves home.


We had such a wonderful evening at Jypsy and are so, so grateful to Michael and the PS Cafe team for the very kind invitation. Jypsy opened to the public today (3 July)! If you are looking for a night out filled with fantastic food, a wonderfully knowledgable and kind staff, and a clean, grandma’s beach house gazebo aesthetic, RUN and check out Jypsy! I can’t imagine that once word of this gem gets out, it won’t be booked out for the foreseeable future.

Find them here at 38 Martin Road and book your reservation here!





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  1. Oh my… what An extreme food festival you kids experienced!! The dishes looked so delish… your descriptions made my mouth water. So happy you were able to meet Michael and his experience his newest restaurant opening. ❤️👏👏👏

    1. it was so, so nice of him to invite us! Thanks for the intro, Sandie! we hope to see him again!!!

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