Giove in Singapore!

Isn’t it great to have friends? Now imagine what it’s like to have friends that fly halfway around the world to come see you! We are SO lucky to have the amazing friends that we do and have had so many visitors since moving to Singapore.

It makes it so much fun to look forward to sharing our new (is it still considered new??) life with people who have known us for years and years. Have you come to visit yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!

Emily Giove was next on the list for a visit. It feels like we’d been talking about this trip for so long. I couldn’t believe it was actually here!

Giove arrived late Thursday night for 5 days of fun before we both headed to Seoul for a friend’s wedding.


Unfortunately, the sheer number of people that have come to visit us makes it super hard to take days off from work each time someone is here. We usually give them detailed plans of attack for the day and set them off to wander around, meeting up for lunch and then after work festivities.

Friday’s lunch was DUMPLINGS, darling!


No, seriously, we went to Dumpling Darlings on Amoy Street.



She spent the rest of the day exploring Chinatown before we all reconvened at Lau Pa Sat for her first *official* hawker center experience.


A lot of people discount Lau Pa Sat for being too touristy and not as good as other hawker centers. I love it. It’s centrally located, the architecture is really cool – it’s an enormous octagonal shaped open sided building filled with food stalls, it comes alive in the nighttime, and it’s a little bougier than the rest. There are giant fans and it’s one of the cleaner hawkers.


I agree it’s definitely not the creme de la creme of each food specialty, but it’s delicious and a fun place to take guests, especially on night 1. It’s IMPRESSIVE and I am all about impressing.


We had cereal prawns, char kway teow, hokkien mee, carrot cake.



We walked from Lau Pa Sat to the water and around to get to Marina Bay Sands for the light show which, in my opinion, rivals the Bellagio!





Heading upstairs to the top of Marina Bay Sands for a cocktail at Spago, my favorite of the three rooftop bars – Ce La Vi, Spago, and Lavo. A coworker recently told me about a secret menu cocktail at Spago called Rough Love. “Order it and they’ll know you’re not a tourist,” he said. We tried it! A mixture of gin, sake, and champagne, with one singular raspberry balanced delicately on the ice cube floating in the drink. The game is to finish the drink without the raspberry falling off.



We sipped our cocktails and traded stories of our lives over the last year since we’ve seen each other. It was so fun to catch up and a great start to what was sure to be a wonderful week! Reunited at last!


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