Dragon Noodle Academy

Tonight I’m taking you to a trendy restaurant! Dragon Noodle Academy in trendy Central HK.

Dragon Noodle Academy boasts a robust menu. It’s located smack dab in the middle of the trendy area of Central and I decided to walk there after work. I was seated immediately and took in my surroundings.

Think Tao. Or Buddakan…but maybe those are a bit grander in scale.

The music was trendy. The people eating were trendy looking (I mean, duh, I was there). The décor was trendy. They had little packets of wipes on the table that…did not look like wipes.. It was all in all a trendy place, ok?

It had also been awarded a Michelin star (Side note: why are there so many darn restos with Michelin stars in this city???? Like, what, there are too many) so I was expecting something pretty great.

The best part of this meal was that I was seated at my table of one and about 10 minutes later, a guy came in, also alone. They decided to seat him at the table right next to me directly facing each other across the tables. Maybe the host was trying to play matchmaker. It was kind of awkward and pretty hilarious that we were both alone and looking right at each other. Have a nice meal, sir!

Dragon Noodle Academy is most famous for their lobster broth soup noodles so that is what I ordered. I also decided to try the Lobster Spring Rolls (might as well go all out) and a mocktail!

Lobster Soup Noodles – guys. MEH! Sometimes I think lobster should join truffles in the overrated category. I love lobster, don’t get me wrong, and sorry VA in advance (it’s VA’s literal favorite food) but just throwing lobster into something does not make it fantastic! The full lobster tail was a welcome treat. The broth was too watery. If they made it a bit creamier and really accentuated the lobster flavour, it would be phenom. BUT before you write this off entirely – the noodles. These were the best noodles I’ve tried in HK, maybe in Asia. You could tell someone was pulling those babies by hand probably in the back as we speak! The noodles were absolutely fantastic – I can’t recommend them enough.

Lobster Spring Rolls – very delicious but too oily and way too much for one person. I only had 1.5 – probably wouldn’t get it again but was good.

Mocktail – YUM! I never order mocktails – because honestly if you’re going to do it, do it right – but this was fresh and delicious and I really liked it.

I would probably recommend Dragon Noodle Academy. Even though the food wasn’t out of this world amazing, it was a solid meal and the ambiance was cool. Would definitely impress a date and who knows, if the host really is playing matchmaker on poor, unsuspecting victims, maybe you’ll meet the love of your life there!

No need to book ahead, I think. It’s quite big and there was plenty of room when I went on a Wednesday!

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