DimDim Sum Dim Sum

Nope that’s not a typo. One of Hong Kong’s best dumpling restos is called DimDim Sum Dim Sum. What a mouthful!!

Once TT had left, I was back to my own dumpling devices. This has been my first “real” business trip and I have to say I am killing the solo travel game! It’s not hard when incredible restaurants peek out from every corner but still….I think I deserve a pat on the ol’ shoulder.

So when you hear the bell ring over the entrance door and a lovely voice say “table for 1, PLZ” you’ll know it’s me eating solo around HK and tasting everything this awesome city has to offer.

DimDim Sum Dim Sum sits right in Causeway Bay, the neighborhood directly adjacent to my hotel’s neighborhood of Wan Chai.


DimDim popped up on every HK dumpling list I found so after work on Monday I decided to walk the one mile from my office to the restaurant and take my seat at my table for 1.

The restaurant is TI-NEE.


You are seated practically on top of the people sitting next to you which really just adds to the fun.




I picked up my old trusty paper menu and pencil and got to work.


Steamed Vegetarian dumplings


Look at how vivid the colors are on these bad boys!


Chiu Chow Style dumplings


These were boring. I only had one bite and didn’t finish the rest. I was intrigued by what Chiu Chow style meant but there was truly nothing special about them and the taste was very bland.


BBQ Pork Buns (Cha Siu Bao)


Delicious per uszjsh.


Shrimp and Pork dumplings with Crab Roe


Deep fried dumplings with wasabi filling


The wasabi dumplings were the best thing I tried. The outside of the wrapper was crispy while the inside was extremely chewy and glutinous. The wasabi hits you a few bites in and I definitely had to scrunch up my nose multiple times until it passed.

The food was brought out to tables tray after tray by this lone worker


who was ALL business.


You eat, drink, pack up your leftovers, and pay the other lady sitting behind the counter at the front of the store


before being ushered out as quickly as you were ushered in.

A fantastic meal, in and out within an hour, and just about $15 USD for the whole smorg.


A true success story in my eyes!

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