Would it really be a babel-cation if we don’t find a music festival to attend? Defqon 1, a premiere hardstyle festival, was happening in Sydney on Saturday so off we went to the pendelbus to jump around!





We were super lucky with the weather. Since it’s currently(was) Spring in Australia, the weather all weekend was pretty chilly – low 60s (15 for any centigrade lvrs). Definitely the coldest we’ve been since January! Saturday, however, was a scorching 98 degrees all day! It was almost too hot and I was infinitely grateful to the festival staff handing out free sunscreen and water the whole event.




Temps dropped pretty sharply in the evening but luckily we had stored our sweatshirts and jackets in lockers so were able to grab them and bundle up!



The absolute highlight of the day was finding our old friends that we had met once at a club in Ibiza four years ago. Knowing Justin lived in Sydney, we had reached out before our trip letting him know we were coming to town and that we’d be at Defqon. Lo and behold, he was attending also so we made plans to find each other!



It’s so fun making friends in all the corners of the world and then coming back to find them years later!

That’s how we feel about all of you – we’ll come back and find you someday. hehehehe just kidding! sheesh relax 🙂

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