A Wedding in Seoul

Sunday was all about the wedding.

Tim, the hero that he is, headed out to find coffee and breakfast while I started getting ready. He came back with streetfood – eggs baked onto pancake buns – kind of like a Korean McGriddle!

And iced coffee. Thank G.

Before we knew it, it was time to make our way to Shilla Hotel for the wedding. We had no idea what to expect.



KoreaWedding2The hotel was immaculate. A placard out front showed it’s been listed as one of the Leading Hotels in the World by Forbes!


When we stepped into the ballroom, we couldn’t tell if we were at a wedding or a 500+ person black tie gala. Flowers adorned the black clothed tables. The aisle more closely resembled a high-fashion catwalk. We later learned The Shilla Hotel boasts the longest aisle in Seoul – 121 feet!


The wedding was wonderful. The bride looked like a princess. The groom shed a tear. Giove gave a speech and I was nominated to catch the bouquet. It was so special to be included in Soojin’s special day.



Afterwards, we headed to a rented loft for the after party. We spent the evening drinking soju, eating, and making new friends.



Late night we went for Korean BBQ and basically ordered one of everything.


The most interesting part of dinner was the Yukhoe – Korean raw beef seasoned with salt, sugar, sesame oil, pepper, and garlic. A raw egg sits atop to be mixed into the raw meat. a RAWSTRAVAGANZA!


Everything was delicious and I would definitely recommend trying yukhoe in Korea. It was yummy!


2 thoughts on “A Wedding in Seoul

  1. Emily that looks beyond sensational. How lucky to attend that wedding. You and Tim look awesome

    1. It was such a nice wedding and so special to see an old friend married!! We had a lot of fun!

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