A Very Tropical Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone, from hot and humid Singy!!!

I’m nursing a bit of a headache this morning but can’t get over how lovely our Christmas was yesterday – our first one together (ever!) and our first one away from home and our families (ever!).

We woke up Christmas morning to our beautiful little fake tree that we got off of Amazon with presents stacked up neatly underneath

IMG_5734 (1)

JUST KIDDING, LOSERS!!! That’s not our tree – that’s the magnificent tree at the Shangri-La Hotel. HERE is our perfect little tree 🙂

IMG_1305 (1)

IMG_7844 (1).JPG

Presents wrapped and all laid out, we set about making breakfast!

I had been browsing Pinterest for some easy crowd pleasers for a delicious Christmas morning breakfast and found two GREAT ones!

Hashbrown, Egg, Sausage, Cheese Scramble Bake via Plain Chicken

IMG_3512 (1)

Eggnog French Toast Bake via Just So Tasty

IMG_4049 (1)

**If you decide to make the french toast – halve the nutmeg – it was too strong!**

We watched Home Alone and A Christmas Story and opened our presents with mimosas in hand.

IMG_2257 (1)

IMG_5775 (1).JPG

IMG_8890 (1)


Luckily, my parents sent us a cute little Christmas package with Christmas pajama pants in them! The perfect thing to wear to the Orphan Christmas lunch we headed to in the afternoon!

IMG_6044 (1).JPG


Our friend (and neighbor) hosted a few left-behinds for an Orphan Christmas Lunch. We headed over in our festive outfits and sat down to roast turkey, beef tacos, and lasagna! We drank champagne and played charades and made new friends from all around the world.

b2afc2c8-0467-47fb-9272-8e831b116f2c (1)

IMG_5782 (1).JPG

7f695bba-5cbc-4941-88d5-a4273b5eb1d8 (1)


We moved the party to our roof and took in the brilliant lights of the city around us and all whole-heartedly agreed that while we missed our families and other things (like the snow!!), we are so lucky to be on this grand adventure and meeting so many new friends who have become our families away from home.

e06d6718-eb04-480d-8c9c-eef144b79909 (1)

We hope everyone enjoyed a very merry Christmas!!!! And are looking forward to a short week before New Year’s Eve.




















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